I am back!

I am writing on this blog after around a year of absence. I recently realised how much blogging helps a person to understand the self.

The 22 years of human life has taught me that the key to life is the mind. If you control it, you win in life. We get slaved in our own desires and pursue whatever that fancies us in that given moment. A successful man would have his mind quite focussed. Some of us always fail until we find that ‘something’ that will not bore us and which we are good at. All this life, I am still find that ‘something’. Maybe it never exists. I may have to hop from one interest to another.

A chronicle of one’s life helps to identify what drives you and you can find patterns that define who you are. A blog is a fun and effective way of chronicling one’s life and one’s interests. So here I am, back on wordpress!

Oh.. wait. You might be getting the idea that I am not a focused person. It is wrong. I am focused. I have my goals. But what I am not sure is whether I am correct or not. I am quite certain that a person who is absolutely content with his/her life will be a little lost as well. Aren’t we all lost souls looking for salvation? 🙂


~ by Sachith on 19 September, 2010.

One Response to “I am back!”

  1. and someone is still keeping a (critical) eye on you in cyberspece 😛 Welcome back.

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